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The Saffron Bible. Everything you need to know about the King of Spices from A to Z - Book

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La Bible du Safran. Tout Savoir sur le Roi des Épices de A à Z : Anthropologie, Chimie, Perception, Usages, Recettes et Plus !
A comprehensive reference book on the Saffron Spice
Exclusively at La Paradisière
An Amazing book on Saffron
For all Cooks : Get to know all the Secrets of the Saffron Spice
With 91 delicious recipes easy to all
Written in French

La Paradisière : Your Saffron Specialist
Complete synthesis work on the Saffron spice and its Numerous Uses
A Bible for Amateur and Professional Gastronomes
Discover a complex and unknown spice
Learn how to use it with 91 delicious recipes
Buy Saffron Pods with your Saffron Bible
You will be able to make the Delicious Recipes that are in the Book!
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The Bible of Saffron
A comprehensive reference book on Saffron spice

The Bible of Saffron. All about the King of Spices from A to Z
Anthropology, Chemistry, Perception, Uses, Recipes and More!


Lachaud, C. M.

Lachaud, C. M., France

Legal filing
February 2016, 1st edition


220 pages, 160 x 237 x 11 mm, 0.506 kg, Paper back
Inside full color print and coated satin paper, Oustide full color print and velvet touch cover
Very nice format offering a good grip and a beautiful aesthetic

Text structure
Table of Contents, Table of illustrations (Tables, Figures), Detailed Index (1'737 entries)
Rich information, highly structured, with 43 color illustrations
Optimized navigation and great reading comfort

The Bible of Saffron. All about the King of Spices from A to Z

The Bible of Saffron is currently the only book on Saffron spice written by both an academic and expert saffron farmer
It reveals all the secrets of saffron chemistry and perception, and gives you exhaustive and detailed characteristics, properties and principles of use

Discover the 6 powers of saffron and learn how to implement them with 91 easy and delicious recipes
Cooking with Saffron can be easy, but there are levels above, where it becomes an insider art that you will learn to master

A must-read book for everyone willing to discover the secrets of a fascinating spice and to master its most mysterious properties
The Bible of Saffron will satisfy Amateur and Professional Gourmets as well as Chefs and Saffron Enthusiasts

The Bible of Saffron completes another book by the same author: The Saffron Farmer's Bible  (about the cultivation and production of saffron)
This second volume in an exclusive collection by La Paradisière and contributes to the rediscovery by Westerners of a European Spice

The Saffron Farmer's Bible and The Bible of Saffron : A complete collection

The Bible of Saffron
A comprehensive reference book for Knowing all about Saffron and How to master it

After the popular Saffron Farmer's Bible about Crocus sativus, Saffron farming and Saffron spice production, Dr. Lachaud enriches our knowledge with a second volume specifically dedicated to the Saffron Spice and its numerous Uses

Discover an underrated European Spice

The Bible of Saffron will enlighten you about an amazing European spice, largely unknown to modern-days Westerners
217 fascinating pages reveal all the secrets and mysteries of the King of Spices, from Anthropology to Perception and Chemistry, Uses and Versatility of Saffron, or Production and Trade
Everyone knows Saffron well. Really ?

All the Practical Expert Advices

The Bible of Saffron contains many practical and detailed tips by an expert
They will guide you in getting premium saffron of gastronomic and medicinal quality
Thanks to this book, you will know how to buy genuine saffron and avoid being fooled by widespread fraud

91 Delicious Recipes for Immediate Practice!

Lick your lips now!
The Bible of Saffron is also a cookbook
91 delicious and easy recipes, some of which were developed by the Author, will allow you to discover the 6 culinary powers of saffron and its extreme versatility
You will thus learn to master a subtle, powerful, alchemical, delicious spice full of health benefits, which successful use cannot always be improvised

A very Well-built Guide

With a deep editorial work, this book with rich content is pleasant to read (43 color illustrations), easy to go through (advanced structure of the text), and easy to navigate (powerful targeting tools : Table of Contents, Table of illustrations, and rich Index)
You will enjoy La Bible du Safran for its informative quality, as well as for its aesthetic and practical sides

Happy discovery, and Bon Appetit!

Buy Saffron Pods with your Saffron Bible
This will allow you to taste the Delicious Recipes in this Book without delay!

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