17000 Crocus sativus bulbs size 9/10
  • 17000 Crocus sativus bulbs size 9/10
  • For 570 m2 - 150-200g saffron

17000 Crocus sativus bulbs for harvesting Saffron

17000 Crocus sativus Bulbs L'Étoile Mauve® size 9/10
Order from January to the End of June
Grow your own Saffron !

17000 Bulbs of Crocus sativus L. blooming size 9/10
Strain selected for Saffron Spice Production
Superior Performance & Phytosanitary pass
La Paradisière helps you realizing your Project
Bulbs of Crocus sativus: High quality - Professional service
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In your parcel: 17000 well packaged Saffron bulbs + Planting and Growing instructions
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Order from January to the End of June

        Delivery in July & August only
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Crocus sativus bulbs For Sale : Grow saffron In your garden, Harvest your own Saffron !

Crocus sativus Bulbs will bloom a few weeks after planting, between late September and mid-November, with beautiful and fragrant flowers of Saffron. Crocus sativus Linnaeus grows as easily as any garden crocus. Crocus sativus bulbs will multiply and bloom again each year.
A few Crocus sativus Bulbs to discover this perennial, hardy to -20°C, rare, and original european plant.
A few hundreds of Crocus sativus Bulbs to try Saffron cultivation and Saffron production (100-200 saffron bulbs yield 1g of saffron).

Saffron Corms Wholesale at amazing rates on our Website
Ultra-competitive prices and Discounts on quotation for orders above 50 000 bulbs

Planter du Safran1. Crocus sativus Bulbs for Sale :
Learn how to buy Saffron Bulbs

Crocus sativus Bulbs bought from a Saffron producer like La Paradisière will allow you to produce Saffron. But first, you need to know a few things for buying well.

1.a. Crocus sativus bulbs :
Various Strains

Various strains of Crocus sativus are available on the market. These strains are highly uneven regarding productivity in saffron bulbs and in saffron spice, and possibly regarding saffron spice quality. Some Crocus sativus strains produce many saffron bulbs (but few flowers), other Crocus sativus strains produce only a few bulbs (but lots of flowers).

1.b. Crocus sativus Bulbs :
Various Calibers SUMMARY

In France, the size of Crocus sativus Bulbs is given in centimeters as a "Caliber". Caliber measures the equatorial circumference of the Crocus sativus bulb, where it is the largest.
Caliber is expressed by two numbers, the first one indicating the size of the first sieve that caught the saffron bulb, the second number being the size of the last sieve that missed the saffron bulb. Example: 9/10 = equatorial circumference between 9 and 10 cm.
Crocus sativus bulbs range from size 2 to 18.
The size of Crocus sativus bulbs correlates with the amount of flowers it may give : Crocus sativus bulbs of size 6 may give one flower; Crocus sativus bulbs of size 8 will provide an average of one flower per bulb; Crocus sativus bulbs of large caliber (>14) can yield up to 9 flowers per bulb.

Attention !
Crocus sativus bulbs must spend the summer underground or be stored properly in order to prepare flowers in their buds : Planting before September is better.

1.c. Crocus sativus Bulbs :
Varying Prices SUMMARY

The Price of Crocus sativus bulbs depends directly on : the Strain, Producing method, and Caliber.

1.d. Crocus sativus Bulbs : Sanitary Quality SUMMARY

Important phytosanitary issues exist with Crocus sativus, most saffron fields being infested with difficult fungal diseases due to cultivation methods. Will you be able to detect and diagnose diseased saffron bulbs? Can you take care of sick Crocus sativus plants? Can you eradicate fungal disease from your soil?

Avoid future troubles by considering your supplyer and the phytosanitary quality of its Crocus sativus bulbs.

La Paradisière provides saffron bulbs with a valid and official Phytosanitary pass.

Acheter des bulbes de Safran2. Crocus sativus Bulbs for Sale :
When to buy your Saffron Bulbs ? SUMMARY

You want to plant Saffron ?
La Paradisière will help you in your Project by providing high quality Saffron Bulbs whatever the quantities you need.
La Paradisière is a reliable partner that will not let you down at the last minute !

Buy Crocus sativus Bulbs from January to the end of June.
Orders are honored chronologically, subject to availability.
Our stock of Saffron bulbs varies each year based on our production, the needs for our farm, and Customers' demand.
Saffron Bulbs are uplifted during summer dormancy and shipped end of July and August ONLY, with growing instructions.

We are very grateful to you for not contacting us:
to order bulbs outside the ordering period ;-)
to complain that your order was not shipped immediately ;-)

Planter du Safran3. Crocus sativus Bulbs :
When to plant ? SUMMARY

In the Northern Hemisphere
Crocus sativus Bulbs are planted from July to mid-September.
La Paradisière, Saffron Specialist, ships your Saffron bulbs in the heart of summer, so that you will receive them at the best planting time of the year.

In the Southern Hemisphere
Our customers from the Southern Hemisphere can purchase Crocus sativus Bulbs at La Paradisière.
The adaptation of Crocus sativus to a reverse seasonal cycle is quite possible and has been successfully implemented in Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa, etc.
By default, this task is left entirely to our Customers' care
For wholesale orders only, we can adapt your bulbs to the reverse seasons of the Southern Hemisphere - please contact us.

Autorisation Permis Phytosanitaire4. Crocus sativus Bulbs :
Phytosanitary and Administrative aspects SUMMARY

Bulbs with Phytosanitary Passeport for France and other E. U. Countries.

A Phytosanitary Certificate may be required for some international destinations outside the EU.

Savoir cultiver et soigner Crocus sativus6. Crocus sativus Bulbs :
Learn how to plant, take care of, and grow Saffron SUMMARY

1. A comprehensive reference book on Saffron, its biology, diseases and pests, and its crop :
La Bible du Safranier. Tout savoir sur le Crocus sativus et sur le Safran

2. Complete Lecture Handouts / Course Prints of our Saffron Farming Courses
3. Join our Saffron Farming Internship

17000 Bulbes de Crocus sativus
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