Delicious Saffron Syrup - Liquid Gold
  • Delicious Saffron Syrup - Liquid Gold
  • Liquid Gold to flavor drinks and desserts

Saffron Syrup Liquid Gold

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Saffron Syrup
Liquid Gold
Cane Syrup with Saffron
Delicious Saffron Syrup
Immediately get the benefits of Saffron without waiting and cooking
Sweeten, Color and Flavor Kirs, Teas, Herb Teas, Fruit salads, Yoghurts, Pastries, etc. in the blink of an eye!
Liquid Gold will Flavor and Color Deliciously any Dessert and Drink
1 bottle = 100 ml = 100 mg of Saffron
Saffron dosage increased for greater effects and intense pleasure
Sugar, water, saffron : 100% natural, 0 preservatives
Directly from the Farm
Our Saffron is grown in an exceptional Terroir in France Learn more
Learn more about Liquid Gold: Please scroll Down
In your parcel: 1 Bottle of Liquid Gold well packaged and protected
Saffron has medicinal properties: Please Inquire!
Consumption not recommended for pregnant women
RECOMMENDED: Mondial Relay (France), Colissimo
OFFERED: Handling, Packaging
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Saffron Syrup Liquid Gold: Saffron Easy And fast!

1. Sensory Description & Uses of Saffron Syrup

Saffron Syrup Liquid Gold is made of cane sugar syrup powerfully flavored with saffron thanks to a very strong dosage in Saffron

100 mg of Saffron stigmas per bottle : La Paradisière does not fool you!

You will enjoy our Liquid Gold's rich Saffron aromas, flowery, fruity, and both powerful and subtle
sensory description of our Saffron

In this delicious syrup, cane sugar does not interfere with Saffron but is the perfect vector for its flavours, preserving and conveying all the character of Saffron without hiding it

Use La Paradisière's saffron syrup for flavoring, coloring, decorating with saffron stigmas and sweetening desserts, pastries, yogurts, fruit salads, drinks, kirs, teas, herb teas, etc.

Liquid Gold acts instantly and easily, without requiring prior knowledge on the use of saffron nor wait for hours of preparation (maceration, cooking)

Just poor a teaspoon and enjoy! It's that easy!

2. Product Features

    • Name
      Saffron Syrup Liquid Gold
      Cane Sugar with Saffron
    • Packaging
      1 clear glass bottle closed by a cork, labeled and sealed as shown in the photo
      The bottle shape may vary with batches (various models)
      Capacity and content is unchanged, as well as other bottle features
    • Capacity
      100 ml
    • Composition
      Cane Sugar Syrup (Cane Sugar, Water), Saffron Stigmas (100 mg)
    • Preservation
      In a cool and dry place away from light
      Use preferably within a few weeks following purchase

Syrup with Saffron

3. It's good for the environment and for your health!

Saffron syrup without additives, without preservatives
The Saffron used in our Saffron syrup, is produced by La Paradisière without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides

Saffron of La Paradisière 4. For the little story

Like a Precious Perfume, our Saffron syrup is packaged in a selected glass bottle with a very elegant design

The beautiful intense gold color of our saffron syrup is enhanced by the contrast of red Saffron stigmas floating inthe flask

The clear glass of the bottle leaves the light play in the Red and Gold colors for the pleasure of your eyes before being pleased by rich flavors

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