Pure Damask Rose Petal Jelly with Saffron
  • Pure Damask Rose Petal Jelly with Saffron
  • Fresh Damask Rose Petals for this Ethereal & Powerful Masterpiece
  • A Rare and Precious Delicacy, Exclusively by La Paradisière
  • Taste our Saffron Jellies
  • 45 mg of Saffron per Jar : It's a lot !
  • Artisanal Cooked in Copper Cauldron

Saffron Jelly of the Arabian Nights : Damask Rose Petals with Saffron

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Jelly of the Arabian Nights

Saffron Jelly of the Arabian Nights
Damask Rose Petals with Saffron
La Paradisière's Jams and Jellies
A Line of sublime delicacies
Rich and intense aromas for higher pleasure
La Paradisière : Saffron Specialist
Saffron flavors, colors, enhances the fruit aromas, and creates intense, dynamic and unique gustatory landscapes

Manual cultivation, harvesting and preparation of the ingredients
Traditional cooking in a copper cauldron
Manufactured in small quantities for maximum quality
Fruits, sugar, saffron : 100% natural, 0 preservatives
Direct from the Farm : From the Field to the Consumer
In your parcel : Jar of jelly well packaged and protected
Saffron has medicinal properties : Find out !
Consumption not recommended for pregnant women
OFFERED : Insurance Colissimo Details, Preparation, Packaging
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Saffron Jelly of theArabian Nights : Damask Rose Petals & Saffron

1. Damask Rose Petals with Saffron Jelly : Sensory Description & Use

A Flower Jelly all in petals and stigmas : The first of the Damask Rose, the second of the Saffron Crocus

This delicacy combines all the refinements of the Arabian Nights
The rose petals assertively express the sweet aromas of the Damask Rose, rich and subtle

Their contribution is magnificently enhanced by the evanescent majestic Saffron

You will be captivated by the degree of refinement of this flower jelly, its subtlety, and its might

Under the influence of Saffron, the Damask Rose Jelly gets the warm colors of the Eastern sun
A rare product to discover, definitely luxurious, created for you by La Paradisière

Enjoy the Damask Rose Petal Jelly with a light drink such as tea, or with a dry fresh white wine, for instance
A good match for fresh cheeses and foie gras as well

But above all, it is self-sufficient and tastes like absolute refinement with a teaspoon...

2. Damask Rose Petal Jelly : Product Characteristics

    • Name
      Jelly of the Arabian Nights / Jelly of Damask Rose Petals with Saffron
    • Packaging
      1 jar
    • Contents
      140 g
    • Saffron
      45 mg per jar (strong dosage)
    • Cooking
      Traditional in the Copper Cauldron
    • Conservation
      In a cool, dry place away from light
      Eat quickly after opening, keep in the fridge

3. Good for the Environment and for your Health !

No Additives, No Preservatives

Damask Roses and Saffron are grown and harvested at La Paradisière, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Saffron produced in France 4. The Story behind

In 2011, La Paradisière planted a Garden of Roses among which Old varieties and wild species, including the famous Damask Rose

This rose is an ancient hybrid (Rosa x damascena), created and selected several centuries ago for its powerful scent and aroma

It was obtained from 3 wild species : Rose of Provins (Rosa gallica or Rose of France, Western Europe), Musk Rose (Rosa moschata, Middle East), and Rose of Fedtschenko (Rosa fedtschenkoana, Central Asia)

Extremely famous in perfumery and in the food industry, it is traditionally used in the East for the preparation of many desserts

From this ephemeral Rose which only blooms once a year, a fortnight in spring, we make the sublime and rare Saffron Jelly of Damask Rose Petals

For Gourmets Only

Damask Rose

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