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  • Bon Cadeau de Valeur Libre (exemple : 350€)
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  • To afford any product from our catalog
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Logo of the brand TRANSFORN®Offer the Unexpected, Originality and Discovery to the ones you love !
Bring to life the Mysterious Universe of the King of Spices straight out of the Tales of the Arabian Nights

OFFERED : Preparation and Packaging Costs
FREE Shipping in France from 150€ HT

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Value: 30€

Offer a Gift CERTIFICATE from La Paradisière to your Family and Friends

Offer a Gift Certificate to Those You Love

Grant those you love with the pleasure of Surprise and Discovery !

With a Gift Certificate from La Paradisière, choosing from a range of quality products - rare, precious, original and delicious - is a pleasure for all senses:

Gastronomic Saffron
Adorable Boxes filled with Red Gold
Delicious Herb Teas
Sublime Saffron Jams
Saffron Syrups
Beautiful pictures of Saffron flowers
Books on Saffron
Saffron Farming Internship

Choose the value of the Gift Certificate that you want to offer (30€, 50€ or 75€) and Combine them (30€ + 50€, 50€ + 75 €, etc.)

Thanks to a Gift Certificate, bring to life the universe of Saffron
The King of all Spices is more Mysterious, Unknown, and Magic than you could ever think it possible...


How it works?

Each Gift Certificate has a unique code!
To use a Gift Certificate, one only needs to enter this code in the appropriate form when placing an order on our online shop
The value of the Gift Certificate you offered will be immediately deducted from the grand total, for the greatest pleasure of your dear!

A Gift Certificate is valid for 1 year.
It can be used more than one time until the initial value is spent and within the limits of validity of 1 year

Phone number and email are indicated on the Gift Certificate for any assistance

Your Gift Certificate can be sent by regular mail or at your request by email to an address of your choice (reimbursement of postal fees when paid)

Gift Voucher from La Paradisière

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