Original Aromatic Blends for Herb Tea & Iced Tea
  • Original Aromatic Blends for Herb Tea & Iced Tea
  • Hand picking on plants full of life at the best stage of maturity
  • Drying following the rules of the art, then assembling and testing
  • One or more blends each year, according to Mother Nature's direction
  • Whole and identifiable leaves and flowers
  • Powder sachets from the supermarket won't compare to our product
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Aromatic Mix Herb Tea

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Aromatic Mix Herbal Tea
Whole Leaves and Flowers !
For Infusions and Iced Tea
La Paradisière's Herb Teas
Original Blends of Aromatic Plants
A Concentrate of Nature for your Wellness
Herb Tea with Rich and Intense Aromas
Original recipe for Cold Drinks in summer, Hot Drinks in winter
Our Plants have Created and Concentrated all the Benefits of Nature

Artisanal work from A to Z for Unbeatable Quality: Cultivation, Harvesting, Pruning, Drying, Blending, and Packaging
Original Methods for Drying and Preservation best Preserve Color, Aroma, and Plant Properties
100% identifiable whole leaves and flowers : Much better than Crumbs or Powder!
Leaves, flowers, and know-how : 100% natural, 0 preservatives
Direct from the Farm : From Field to Consumer
Exceptional Terroir : The "Smile of France", Corrèze Find out more
In your parcel : 6x10x24 cm Bag / 25 g of plants well packaged and protected
Plants have medicinal virtues : find out !
CARRIER : Colissimo
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AROMATIC MIX Herb Tea : Original Blend for Infusion & Iced Tea

1. Description

A deliciously aromatic blend, rich and balanced, made of the leaves and flowers of aromatic plants

You will surely appreciate this exclusive creation of La Paradisière
se it as Herbal tea in winter and Iced Tea in summer

Superior quality and freshness = Maximum aromatic intensity

Do not compare La Paradisière's Herbal Teas with supermarket products : These are different products !

Active principles and volatile compounds in plants (essential oils involved in aromas) are destroyed or evaporated when the plants are crushed, and lost with time through marketing channels (multiple handling, storage, and transport)

At La Paradisière, the raw material is harvested manually in the field at the best moment of maturity, and is sold to you directly after being selected, dried and packaged with great care

2. Use

Pour a small handful of plants into a pot of boiling water
Steep for 20 minutes before straining
Drink hot

Iced Tea
Pour a small handful of plants into a pot of boiling water
Steep until completely cooled
Filter, refrigerate or add ice cubes
Drink very cold

3. Technical Characteristics & Composition

    • Name : Tisane Aromatic Mix
    • Packaging : 1 bag
    • Amount : 25 g
    • Composition (2021 © Dr. C. M. Lachaud) :
      Dehydrated leaves and flowers of aromatic plants
    • Conservation
      In a cool, dry place away from air and light
      To be consumed preferably within 2 years of harvest (date on the bag)
      Keeps better if stored in a sealed container

4. It's good for your health and the environment !

Natural product without additives or preservatives
All the plants used in our line of herbal teas are grown and harvested by us at La Paradisière, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, with green cultivation methods inspired by the ancestral practices of my family

5. Did you know ?

The aromatic plants used in cooking also have beneficial properties for our health !

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