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Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals
  • Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals
  • Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals
  • Fresh Saffron Flower Petals
  • Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals
  • Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals
  • Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals
  • Dehydrated Saffron Flower Petals

Saffron Petals


Saffron Petals

Saffron Petals
Fresh or Dried
Petals of the Flower of Paradise
As in a tale from the Arabian Nights: Ornamental, Rare, Precious and Fragrant
Fresh or dried Saffron Petals for :
decoration, coloring, perfuming
moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-aging cosmetics and creams
blessing a wedding, coloring and scenting a potpourri, decoring a restaurant table, a storefront, a stand, etc.
100% natural: Light natural fragrance of flowers without toxic artificial flavors
Directly from the Farm: From the Field to the Customer
In your package: Bag of Dried Crocus sativus Petals
Packaging: 10 or 50 g
Weight / Volume : 50 g ≈ 25 x 15 x 10 cm
Saffron Petals are available from October
Special Order of Fresh Petals : +33 ou 0 | 781 301 229
RECOMMENDED: Mondial Relay (France), Colissimo | Light but bulky
OFFERED: Preparation, Packaging
IF YOU NEED HELP Please Contact our Helpdesk
Packaging: 50g
Product available with different options

Saffron Petals: Beauty, Scent and Magic

Saffron petals, sweetness and sensuality

1. Description

Saffron Petals are as smooth and sensual as Rose Petals...
Harvested once a year in autumn, they are used fresh, or dried for a later use.

The violet color of Dried Saffron Flowers contrasts beautifuly with bright yellow stamens and the intense red of some forgotten stigmas (Saffron threads).
Their Scent is 100% natural, light and pleasant, with spicy and persisting notes.

Our Saffron Flowers are handcrafted and then dried, handled and stored with great care to preserve all their properties.

Dried Saffron Flowers

Saffron Petals harvested in October 2017 are Available

2. Uses
Saffron Flowers Cosmetics Antioxidant moisturizing cream

Saffron Petals are mainly used for Cosmetics and Decoration.

Saffron Petals for Cosmetics. The Saffron Flower contains antioxidant compounds that make it a good ingredient in cosmetics and moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-aging creams. Use our Saffron Petals to create Creams and Cosmetics for the care and beauty of your skin.

Saffron Petals for Decoration. Fresh or dry Saffron Petals make very beautiful decorations, colorful and fragrant,Saffron Petals for decorating and perfuming alone or combined with other leaves, flowers, fruits and objects.

For example, put them in a cup for adorning the tables of your restaurant or your home, combine them with other components in a potpourri to enhance the colors and scents, scatter them on the front of your store to give a country and authentic note, arrange them around the products of your stand to highlight them, scatter them on the ground on the passage of your customers to stir up their curiosity, use their aesthetics in your photographic creations, etc.

Dried Saffron Flower

By keeping them out of direct sunlight, you will preserve longer their beautiful violet color.

Saffron petals are for external use only. Do not ingest (infusion, cooking, etc.)

Looking for Fresh Saffron Petals? Contact La Paradisière

3. Fresh Saffron Petals

Fresh Saffron Petals have numerous applications, such as medicinal, cosmetic, perfume, decorative, photography, wedding blessing, etc.
Discover this original and extremely rare product.
Fresh saffron petals
Seasonal and perishable product only available by reservation during harvest in October.
Express and refrigerated shipment - special conditions


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