Bunch of Saffron Flower Buds
  • Bunch of Saffron Flower Buds
  • ISO3632 Superior Quality Saffron SATIVOR(R)
  • Pods of Saffron Stigmas
  • The Jewel Box contains 1 Pod

Offer Saffron, the Most Rare and the Most Expensive Spice in the World

Offer Saffron Spice Gift IdeaOffer Red Gold!
The Most Rare and the Most Expensive Spice in the World
Saffron of Limousin SATIVOR®, the Limousine of Saffrons
Offer 2 precious and adorable gift boxes to those you love
Make your Gifts with La Paradisière, Saffron Specialist
PURE Saffron Stigmas
: Real, Gastronomic, Medicinal
Superior quality: 1st Grade ISO 3632
SATIVOR®: Origin, Purity, and Quality Guaranteed
OFFER SAFFRON FOR YOUR GIFTS: Original, Rare & Precious!
Directly from the Producing Farm
: 100% Natural, from the Field to your Plate
1. Discover our 2 gift boxes further down on this page
2. Select the one you want just below
3. You will receive your parcel with the Gift Box of your Choice + Easy Recipes
Saffron has medicinal properties: Please Inquire!
Consumption not recommended for pregnant women
RECOMMENDED: Mondial Relay (France only), Colissimo (with insurance)
OFFERED : Handling, Packaging
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On this page: Saffron SATIVOR® Gift Boxes
100 mg Pod in its pretty Jewel Box
4x 100 mg Pod in an amazing Lace Box

Other packaging here

Saffron Gift Boxes: Jewel Box

Saffron SATIVOR® : Offer the Most Rare and the Most Expensive Spice in the World!

Saffron of France SATIVOR® by La Paradisière

Offer Saffron to Those You Love!
100% Original - 100% Precious - 100% Delicious

Authentic saffron from Corrèze (Limousin, FRANCE), Saffron SATIVOR® in stigmas is a very high-quality Saffron, Gastronomic & Medicinal.
This Pure Correzian Terroir product will delight you with its rich and remarkable aromas and its phenomenal coloring power!
Delicious and Precious, Saffron is the rarest and most expensive spice in the world: In many Eastern countries, it is offered as a mark of esteem and love.

To help you make a very original gift, La Paradisière has selected 2 very nice packagings.

Offer Pure Saffron Stigmas Red Gold


Saffron SATIVOR®: 4 Original Gift Ideas

1. The Jewel Box

Lovely little jewel box in which a saffron SATIVOR® pod and some saffron recipes have replaced the engagement ring! Original small precious gift to offer to your guests: Arrange the boxes as a table ornament, one per seat. Everyone will be delighted at dinner time... This precious Red Gold Pod contains 100 mg of Saffron, the exact dose to make a saffron recipe for 4 to 6 persons! If you want to learn more about the many culinary uses of Saffron, we have everything you need here

Jewel Box & Saffron SATIVOR® Pod

2. The Lace Box

Four pods of the precious Saffron SATIVOR® (4x 100 mg) sealed in a zip bag are arranged with information about the product and some easy recipes in a beautiful lace box with the red color of Saffron: Absolutely splendid! It is a gift of beautiful value that will not fail to surprise by its originality and treat. You are indeed offering Red Gold, the rarest and most expensive spice in the world. Each pod contains exactly the dose one will need to make a Saffron recipe for 4 to 6 persons - enough saffron in total for cooking for 15 to 25 persons. If you want to learn more about the many culinary uses of Saffron, we have everything you need here

Lace Box & Saffron SATIVOR® Pods

3. Detailed description of the 4 Gift BoxesHappy Sun

1. The Jewel Box
The Jewel Box: Rigid hardback box in 2-parts (box + lid), small (4 x 4 x 3 cm), lid with stylized embossed ribbon, box contains a foam ring holder, outside box and lid with color red or blue at random except as specified by the Customer.
Content: 1 pod containing 100 mg of Saffron SATIVOR® in stigmas for cooking for 4 to 6 persons, accompanied by some easy and delicious recipes to discover saffron while feasting.

2. The Lace Box
The Lace Box: Red card finely laser cut and pre-folded. The lace part have a shiny and reflective embossed surface, the other parts of the box have a matte surface. Unfolded dimensions: 24 x 22.5 cm. The box comes with a red satin ribbon to close it. As the box may crash during transportion, it will reach you unfolded in order to be perfectly safe and to reach you intact. It can be easily and intuitively folded following the pre-folds on the Card. Folded dimensions: 10 x 11 x 3 cm approximately. Then put the zip bag of pods with the information sheet and the recipes in the Lace Box, and close it by making a nice knot with the satin ribbon. The Lace Box is really a nice precious case of the most beautiful effect with its intense red color echoing that of Saffron SATIVOR®.
Content: 4 pods each containing 100 mg of Saffron SATIVOR® in stigmas for cooking for 15 to 25 persons, sealed in a zip bag with information on the product and some easy and delicious recipes to discover saffron while feasting.

Offrez l'épice la plus chère du monde

5. Learn more about Saffron with La Paradisière, Saffron SpecialistHumming-bird

Safran de France et d'ailleurs, Roi des Épices

Alain Kruger recevait Dr. Lachaud sur France Culture
(On ne parle pas la bouche pleine | Safran, de France et d'ailleurs | France Culture, le 15.12.2013)

Le Safran sur FRANCE CULTURE (lien)

To know ALL about Saffron thanks to the Saffron Specialist

1. Here is a complete book to know everything about Saffron and to master its many properties in Gastronomy, with both theory and practice thanks to 91 delicious recipes: La Bible du Safran. Tout savoir sur le Roi des Épices de A à Z
2. If you want to produce your own saffron, we suggest you read La Bible du Safranier. Tout savoir sur le Crocus sativus et sur le Safran and attend our Saffron Farming Internship at La Paradisière, in France : WELCOME !

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