20000 Crocus sativus bulbs for starting Pro
  • 20000 Crocus sativus bulbs for starting Pro
  • Start Pro Level - 700m2, 250-300g saffron

20,000 Crocus sativus Bulbs for Professionnal Saffron Production

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20000 Crocus sativus Bulbs
Floriferous Size 9/10

Grow Saffron!
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And Plant Saffron Next Summer
Crocus sativus Bulb at Floriferous Size 9/10 20000 Bulbs Package
Strain selected for the Production of Saffron Spice
Superior Performance & Plant Passport
La Paradisière helps you realize your Projects
Quality Bulbes of Crocus sativus
Professional Services
20000 Bulbs for Growing 700m2 of Saffron in Open Ground
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Delivery in August
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Saffron Bulbs
Grow Crocus sativus and Harvest Saffron!

Crocus sativus Grows as Easily as Garden Crocuses
It will Multiply and Bloom again every year if you know How to Take Care of it


How Many Saffron Bulbs shall I Plant?

  • Just a Few
    Discover this perennial plant, hardy up to -20°C, rare, unique, and with Magnificent and Fragrant autumn Flowering
  • A Few Hundred
    Harvest Saffron for you and your family
  • Several Thousands
    Plant a Saffron Grove and Try Saffron Farming

1. How to buy Saffron Bulbs SUMMARY

Buying Saffron Bulbs (saffron seed) from a Saffron Farmer like La Paradisière will allow you to Grow and Harvest the Saffron Spice


Several Varieties

Several Genetic Strains of Crocus sativus are available in the commercial circuits
They are unequal in productivity of both Saffron Bulbs and Saffron Spice, and possibly, in Saffron Spice
The Strain that we market is grown for the Production of Saffron Spice
It is therefore less productive in Bulbs than Bulb Production Strains, but preferable for Spice Production
(fewer bulbs, larger bulbs, better flowering, bigger threads)

Caliber & Productivity

In France, the Size of Saffron Bulbs is given as a Caliber
Caliber is the Equatorial Circumference of a Saffron Bulb in cm

Caliber 9/10 = 9 to 10 cm circumference of the Saffron Bulbs
(automatically measured by a calibrating machine)
We market this Caliber by default because it is the Best Compromise for the Customer regarding Flower Rate, Price, and Total Weight and Volume of their Order (shipping costs)

Bulbs of Caliber 9/10 STATISTICALLY give 1.5 Flowers on Planting Year, which is a good average rate
(against 0.9 for cal. 8/9 bulbs)
1g of Saffron requires 120-250 Flowers
Planting Density = 30 Bulbs per m2

Varying Price

The Price of Saffron Bulbs is constrained by the Genetic Strain of Crocus sativus, the Production Process, and Bulb Caliber

Phytosanitary Quality

La Paradisière has a Valid Phytosanitary Passport which guarantees that you will Acquire Pest-free and Disease-free Bulbs


More Information on


2. When to Buy your Crocus sativus Bulbs? SUMMARY

Order your Saffron Bulbs from January to the end of June on this Site
Your Order is Registered and your Bulbs are reserved for you

Saffron Bulbs are pulled out in June, at the start of the Crocus sativus Dormancy whenever the weather allows
They are shipped in August, time to be cleaned, washed, dried, sorted, calibrated, and packaged

Please don't worry if your order is not shipped immediately

3. When & How to Plant & Cultivate Saffron? SUMMARY

In the Northern Hemisphere

Saffron Bulbs are planted in Summer (July and August)
La Paradisière ships your Saffron Bulbs so that you receive them in the Heart of Summer, at the Best Season for Planting

The Bulbs of Saffron prepare their flowering underground during Summer
To Flower well, they must be stored in precise conditions, and ideally, be planted before the end of August

In the Southern Hemisphere

Our Customers from the Southern Hemisphere can buy Saffron Bulbs to La Paradisière
Their Acclimatization to a Reverse Seasonal Cycle is possible and has already been successful in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.
By default, the management of this cultivation aspect is left entirely to the Customer
For large orders however, La Paradisière can acclimatize your Bulbs to the Seasonal inversion for you - contact us

Planting Method

Several Cultivation Methods exist, which are detailed in La Bible du Safranier

Plant the Saffron Bulbs 10-15 cm Deep
Minimum horizontal spacing: 15 cm
(at the end of the growing season, the leaves can reach 60 cm long)
Recommended max. Density is approx. 30 Bulbs per m2

Cultivation Methods

The Environmental Conditions to provide to Saffron and the various Cultivation Methods, as well as all the Issues, Diseases and Pests, are detailed systematically and indepth in La Bible du Safranier

Schematically, give to Crocus sativus a location with full sun in all seasons
A moderately fertile and well-drained soil
Keep always clean by permanent weeding
Regenerate your Saffron Field every 3 years

4. Phytosanitary and Administrative Aspects SUMMARY

Our Saffron Bulbs have a Phytosanitary Passport for France and other EU Countries

A Phytosanitary Certificate may be required for international destinations outside the EU
Please contact the Administration of your Country before Buying
More information on the Procedure to follow is given in Section 5.1.3 of our General Terms

5. Learn How to Plant, Care and Grow Saffron

1. Complete Reference Book La Bible du Safranier
2. Course Books of La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Master Class
3. La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Master Class

20000 Bulbes de Crocus sativus
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