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  • Front cover of La Bible du Safranier

La Bible du Safranier : Tout savoir sur le Crocus sativus et sur le Safran - Book

Book on SaffronBest Selling book on Saffron : La Bible du Safranier
All about Crocus sativus & Saffron
The most serious & documented work on Saffron, for Professionals as well as Informed and Inquiring Public
Great Synthesis of actualized scientific research written by an academic researcher
Practical and complete popularization easy to all
Written in French

La Paradisière : Your Saffron Specialist
Full working summary of current knowledge and personal experience of the author and Saffron growers
A Bible for Professionals, Future Saffron Farmers, Amateur Saffron Growers, and Enthusiasts
A fabulous journey in Knowledge for Everyone wishing to discover the secrets of Crocus sativus, Saffron and Saffron Farmers
EXCLUSIVITY By La Paradisière
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La Bible du Safranier : The most serious & documented book on Saffron

La Bible du Safranier : Exclusive to La Paradisière

La Bible du Safranier :
Tout savoir sur le Crocus sativus et sur le Safran

Author : Lachaud, C. M.
Editor : Lachaud, C. M., France
Publication Date : November 2012, 1st edition
ISBN : 978-2-7466-4412-0
Format : 258 pages, 160 x 237 x 15 mm, 0.6 kg, Paperback, Inside color with satin coated paper, Color cover with velvet touch. Very nice format offering a good grip and a beautiful aesthetic
Text Structure : Detailed Table of contents, Tables of illustrations, Detailed Index, Exhaustive bibliography. Rich information, highly structured, and well illustrated for an optimized navigation and a great comfort of reading

La Bible du Safranier is among the most serious, documented and comprehensive books on saffron cultivation and saffron production. A must for Professional Saffron Farmers, Future Saffron Growers, Saffron enthusiasts, and Everyone willing to learn more about Crocus sativus and the cultivation and production of Saffron spice.

ATTENTION : This book is written in FRENCH

This book was completed in 2016 by a second volume dealing specifically and exhaustively with saffron spice and its uses : La Bible du Safran

La Bible du Safranier & La Bible du Safran : A complete collection


Le Safran sur FRANCE CULTURE (link)

Book on SaffronLa Bible du Safranier, the reference book for growing saffron

La Bible du Safranier reveals 257 pages of secrets, of the Spice, of Crocus sativus, and of Saffron Growers. This comprehensive technical and theoretical book summarizes all existing knowledge on the topic. Richly documented by nearly 300 references, its highly structured text is easy to navigate thanks to the table of contents and detailed index. Embellished with 103 color illustrations (photographs, tables, and drawings), the text is enjoyable to read. This wealth of information will teach you everything you need to know about Saffron, will satisfy your curiosity by taking you to the heart of a fascinating and mysterious subject, and will help you starting your Saffron Farm.


La Bible du Safranier will teach you everything you need to know about the Saffron spice : What is quality for Saffron ? How to buy and avoid fraud ? How to keep ? How to cook ? Additionnally, 19 easy and delicious recipes + 11 medieval recipes and 23 medicinal recipes will show you how saffron can be used to feast family and friends.

Saffron Crocus

La Bible du Safranier contains vast scientific knowledge from the latest research on the biology of Crocus sativus, its botany, phenology, diseases and pests, and various requirements and care. La Bible du Safranier will take you on a journey through history and continents. It will make you dream about the mysterious origins of the plant and its gold thread.

Growing Saffron

La Bible du Safranier will help you step by step, in a practical and didactic manner, build your saffron plantation, harvest the flower and stigmas, turn them into spice, and package your production. You will know all about the needs of the plant, how to fight its pests and diseases, and how to grow it for the best yields.

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