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Saffron Gift Boxes

Saffron Gift Boxes



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  • Saffron

    Safran SATIVOR®

    Discover the most Rare, Precious, and Unknown Spice in the World !
    Pure Saffron Stigmas First Grade ISO 3632 for Gastronomy & Médicinal uses

    Saffron SATIVOR® is exclusively produced by La Paradisière in Corrèze, Limousin (Nouvelle Aquitaine), France

    Page Facebook for Saffron Sativor® : Safran du Limousin Sativor®, la Limousine des Safran made in France

  • Deli

    Saffron SATIVOR® DELI

    For the Gourmets' Pleasure !
    Discover the sensual magics of Saffron in an original assortment of Saffron SATIVOR®

    Stunning Jams, Jellies, and Syrups :
    Saffron SATIVOR®, Fruits, Plants, little Sugar and lots of know-how

    Page FAcebook for Saffron SATIVOR® Deli : Deli with Saffron SATIVOR® from Limousin (Nouvelle Aquitaine): For Gourmets' Pleasure! is on Facebook

  • Books

    Books on Saffron

    Must books edited and published by La Paradisière : Know everything about Crocuses and Saffron
    For Professionnal Saffron Farmers, Explorers and Enthusiasts

    Page Facebook for La Bible du Safranier : La Bible du Safranier is on Facebook - Page Facebook for La Bible du Safran : La Bible du Safran is on Facebook

  • Herb Teas & Iced Teas

    Herb Teas & Iced Teas

    Delicious recipes created by La Paradisière
    Original blends of Leaves and Flowers of Aromatic Herbs

    Enjoy tasty hot drinks during winter and natural refreshing drinks in summer
    All ingredients grown and harvested by La Paradisière without chemicals

    Facebook page for La Paradisière's Herb Teas : La Paradisière's Blends of Aromatic Plants for Herb Teas and Ice Teas

  • Internship

    Become a Saffron Farmer

    La Paradisière provides an extensive Saffron Farming Internship that will allow you to become a Professional Saffron Farmer
    Also for anyone interested in exploring and discovering more about Saffron

    Page Facebook on our Saffron Farming Internship : Saffron Farming Internship is on Facebook

  • Bulbs

    Bulbs of Crocus sativus Linnaeus

    Bulbs of Crocus sativus Linnaeus: Plant Saffron Bulbs et harvest your fisrt gramm of Red Gold!
    Superior quality bulbs with Phytosanitary Passport (France and E.U. by default)

    Facebook Page for Bulbs of Crocus sativus Linnaeus : Bulbs of Crocus sativus Linnaeus

  • Pictures

    Download Photographies

    Download stunning photos by La Paradisière
    Saffron spice, Crocus sativus, and cousin crocus species

    Use these photos for your private creations:
    T-Shirts, Desktop Backgrounds, Posters, Sleeves, calendars, postcards, etc.

  • Gift Ideas

    Gift Certificates

    Offer a Gift Certificate to your Dears
    Make them discover the Magic and Mystery of Saffron

    A Rare, Original, and Precious Gift that will prove your high esteem!
    At La Paradisière, Saffron Specialist, enjoy a wide range of premium products: Jams, Syrups, Saffron, Training, Books, etc.

  • Other

    Seeds & Plants

    La Paradisière is also a Nursery where you can buy Farm Seeds and Plants for your garden (ornamental plants, dye plants, medicinal plants, and vegetables) : Discover our Product Line on

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