Learn how to Grow Crocus sativus with La Paradisière
  • Learn how to Grow Crocus sativus with La Paradisière
  • Resting after Work
  • Multiplying Saffron Bulbs
  • Managing a Saffron Field
  • Harvesting Saffron in Autumn

Saffron Farming Bootcamp Internship : Learn to Grow Crocus sativus

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Saffron Farming Bootcamp Internship 2024

Learn to Grow Crocus sativus
4 days
Crocus sativus Cultivation Training
Course Book is Offered
Saffron Farming Bootcamp Internship at La Paradisière
Professional Training to Learn How to Cultivate Crocus sativus
Exhaustive, In-depth, Theory + Practice
At the Saffronery of La Paradisière
La Paradisière: Saffron Specialist, Saffron Producer, Training Organization
This Bootcamp is for anyone wanting to grow the Plant that yields the World's Most Precious Spice
Course Book will be Offered
2024 REGISTRATIONS: from 01.01.2024 to 31.06.2024
Limited Number of Seats
PAYMENT METHOD: 100% Bank Transfer on Order or 2 Checks when Booking (250€ collected immediately + 200€ collected 2-3 weeks before the start of the course
Registration for the Bootcamp 2024 course: Ongoing
NEED HELP Contact our Helpdesk

Registration for 2024 is Open


Saffron Farming Bootcamp 2024: Learn to Grow Crocus sativus

1. Learn How to Farm Crocus sativus with La Paradisière SUMMARY

All in One Formula for Learning to Grow Crocus sativus
Saffron Farming Bootcamp : Quality and Exciting Training, by a Saffron Specialist

A Course for All Audiences & ALL Levels
For Enthusiasts who want to grow saffron in their garden, and know everything about this incredible plant
For Gourmets who wish to produce their own Spice
For Project Leaders who plan to Grow Saffron for Business or diversify their production
For those who want to discover all the secrets of a fascinating Plant
Welcome !

A Journey of Discovery
La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp is an initiatory dive into the heart of Knowledge
Discover the life of a Saffron Farmer at the Saffronery La Paradisière and all the secrets of Crocus sativus
Come and share happy moments in a pleasant atmosphere and an exceptional natural environement

Professional Skills
Our Saffron Farming Bootcamp covers all aspects of Crocus sativus, its cultivation, and the production of Saffron Bulbs in an exhaustive and in-depth manner
Teaching is designed to transmit knowledge and know-how with modern and adapted educational tools (video projection, workshops, didactic structure, etc.)
It is taught by a Saffron Specialist and Teaching Professional, as part of a Training Organization registered with the Prefecture of Nouvelle Aquitaine, active since 2014, and "DataDocked"

An In-Depth and Targeted Formula on Crocus sativus and its Cultivation
La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp offers you one of the best ratios on the market: Quality/Price, Duration/Price, Richness of content/Price, Advantages/Price
Top Quality Targeted Training at the Fairest Price!

Your Official Training
Our Saffron Farming Bootcamp is administratively supervised by a Training Contract
A Certificate is delivered at the end of the Training

2. La Paradisière Saffron Farming Bootcamp: Skills Acquired SUMMARY

La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp is designed to teach you how to grow saffron down to the least detail
It explains everything about Crocus sativus and its Cultivation
It shows you how to set up and manage your Production Tool

You will leave La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp with a clear vision of the various steps for setting your Saffron Farm
You will avoid the beginners' mistakes that cause a waste of time and money
You will be able to face, without worry, the many challenges that pave Saffron Farming, because you will have in reserve all the knowledge required when the time comes, documented and justified by experience and scientific research, and won't need to look for it in panic or to get lost in the diverse and sometimes unfounded opinions expressed on the internet

La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp lasts 4 busy days during which we review all the theoretical and practical knowledge, acquire the know-how, and immerse ourselves in the life of a Saffron Farmer
I welcome you to my Farm to spend time together around my passion, your projects, and your questions

Skills Acquired during the Saffron Farming Bootcamp
■ In-depth and complete knowledge of Crocus sativus
■ In-depth and complete knowledge of Cultivation and Protection techniques
■ In-depth knowledge of Bulb Propagation and Management Methods

You will be knowledgeable on:
■ Crocus sativus
■ Crocus sativus Cultivation
■ the production of Crocus sativus bulbs

■ You will have all the cards in hand to create and manage a Saffron Field
■ Facing a Challenge putting your Crop at risk, you will have all the tools you need to make a diagnosis yourself and implement appropriate solutions
■ You will know all the parameters to adjust to your situation and obtain the best yields and the best phytosanitary quality

For specific answers to your project (questions asked during the bootcamp), please consider preparing documentation on your soil, the environment of your plots, climate, surrounding wildlife, etc. so that I can help precisely

In addition to Acquired Skills and unforgettable Memories, you will leave the Saffron Farming Bootcamp with a very valuable gift offered by La Paradisière: The Course Book , which contains all the slides presented during the Theoretical Workshops

For a Full Training, discover our Saffron Farming Master Class with its many advantages
For discovering Saffron Spice, learn how to make a Sensory Analysis of Saffron with an Expert

3. Saffron Farming Bootcamp at La Paradisière: PROGRAM 2024 SUMMARY

La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp lasts 4 days (28h)

It includes theoretical workshops indoor, which alternate at a pleasant pace with practical workshops outdoor
All workshops are structured in Chapters around 3 Thematic, Theoretical and Practical Teaching Modules

Theoretical Modules
- 2013-2024 © Dr. C. M. Lachaud, PhD

Module 1 - Crocus sativus L.: Crocus sativus from A to Z
The Plant in most precise details to understand how it works, therefore its Requirements and what to do in all situation
■ Genus
■ Taxonomy
■ Historical, Genetic & Geographical Origins
■ Anatomy
■ Physiology
■ Biology including Reproduction
Module 2 - Cultivation & Protection: How to grow Saffron - Plant, Multiply, Select, Make it bloom, Continue, Protect, Diagnose, Treat
The Agriculture of the Plant in its most precise details to understand how to Manage the Life Cycle of Crocus sativus from a perspective of Spice and Bulb Production
■ Environmental prerequisites
■ Setting the Plot
■ Cycles in Saffron Fields
■ Corm management
■ Planting
■ Maintenance
■ Selection
■ Pests and Diseases
■ Prevention
■ Means of mechanical, biological and phytosanitary control
Module 2 includes practical work (Module 7)

Practical Modules / PW
- 2013-2024 © Dr. C. M. Lachaud, PhD

Module 3 - Saffron Grove
Discover and Experiment through Practice, the Different Aspects of Managing a Saffron Field and Bulb Management
■ Discovering the Plant in vegetative rest
■ Regeneration & Maintenance methods into practice
■ Bulbs Management - Pulling out, Cleaning, Sorting, Calibrating, Drying
■ Prepare Bulbs for Planting & Sale
■ Practicing Planting & Summer Work the Saffron Field
■ Mechanical Control Techniques of Rodents

4. La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp: Many Advantages SUMMARY

1. In-depth & Targeted Training on Crocus sativus Cultivation
■ Theory and Practice
■ Everything about Crocus sativus
■ All about bulb production
■ Everything you need to know to manage and sustain a Saffron Field - small or big - with the view of producing bulbs and saffron spice

2. High Value Gift Offered to our Trainees
You will leave the course with the Course Book OFFERED to you by La Paradisière
Color printing, valuable and illustrated information
Having the course printed makes it easier to take notes, frees your attention during the presentation, and guarantees that you will have complete, accurate, and reliable information later
Exhaustive, illustrated, color content of professional quality, with several levels of information, including numerous up-to-date external references, which will allow you to continue learning and research after the Saffron Farming Bootcamp is over
This material is updated every year

3. Professional Training
Characterized by:
■ A pre-established program
■ Pedagogical objectives
■ Educational resources and coaching techniques
Delivered by:
■ An Official Training Organization with 10 years of experience
■ A Domain Expert

4. Training Contract
Allows Recognition of your Training Effort throughout your life

5. Training Agreement
La Paradisière can sign a Training Agreement with Companies for their Employees, in place of a Training Contract
Training fees are then paid - all or part - by the Employer

6. Financial Aid & Ease of Payment
La Paradisière is DataDocked
(Quality Audit of the Training Organization proving that it complies with the quality requirements dictated by law)
In order to set a Training Agreement with a Company: Please Contact us
Payment in 2 installments free of charge is possible by check, choose this payment method when registering


7. Advantageous Price
La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp offers the best ratios:
■ Quality/Price
■ Content/Price
■ Duration/Price
■ Advantages/Price
An Advanced, In-depth, and Very High Quality Training at a Really Low Price

8. Training Professional & Training Organization
Dr. Lachaud taught for 20 years at the University (Switzerland, USA, Norway) and at La Paradisière, in French and English
His Teaching Skills are punctually requested for Training and Consulting, in France and abroad, by companies and State Organizations
Training organization declared to the Regional Prefecture of Nouvelle Aquitaine, active since 2014

9. Crocus sativus bulbs
All the Saffron Bulbs you need for your project - small and large quantities
Strain for Saffron production
Phytosanitary Inspection and Phytosanitary Passport
Learn More

10. Internship certificate
Issued at the end of the Bootcamp, the Internship Certificate allows you to justify the training you've followed
It mentions the place and date of the Training, the identity of the Training Organization and the Teacher, the Name, Goals, Nature, and Duration of the Training Action
Edited to be Aesthetic and Framed like a Diploma that you can display in the premises of your future Saffronery

11. Transparency and Security
An educational and administrative framework guarantees quality and compliance to the Trainee:
Program and Goals of the Saffron Farming Bootcamp
Names, Titles and Qualifications of the Speaker
Training Schedules and location
Internal regulations and general conditions of sale
Training Contract or Training Agreement

12. Numerus Clausus
A small group is a privileged learning environment in which humanity blooms naturally
The atmosphere is warmer between the Participants
The Teacher is available for the specific needs of each Trainee

13. National and International Accessibility
Car : Bordeaux-Lyon motorway (A89) easily accessible (exit : Égletons), Local Taxis
Train : Main lines to Brive-la-Gaillarde, regional lines to Tulle and Égletons
Plane : Regional lines (Brive-la-Gaillarde, Clermont-Ferrand), International lines (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse)

No public transportation in the countryside !
A personal vehicle is required (rental in Brive, Tulle, Égletons, Clermont-Ferrand, etc.)

14. Easy Accomodation
Numerous accommodation options in the surrounding area for all budgets


5. Saffron Farming Bootcamp: How to Prepare? SUMMARY

Consider being able to Present your Project if you wish
Come to the Saffron Farming Bootcamp with documents allowing you to illustrate and detail your project
Example: Area, location, purpose, feasibility study, soil study, climatic aspects, etc.
Photos (location of your plot, work in progress, etc.)
They will help me to respond precisely to possible difficulties and specific questions

Book your Crocus sativus bulbs with La Paradisière to benefit from a better monitoring of your project
La Paradisière no longer provides any follow-up on batches of bulbs that it has not supplied
Thank you for your kind understanding
If you need Crocus sativus bulbs, please reserve them before coming to the course
(uprooting, cleaning, drying, calibration, packaging require several weeks)
We offer bulbs of flowering size and superior genetic and phytosanitary quality
Learn More

6. Saffron Farming Bootcamp 2024: Dates & Schedules SUMMARY

 La Paradisière's Saffron Farming Bootcamp takes place during the first half of August in a single session
(dates communicated to registrants after the 2nd half of March)
08h00:11h30 | Practical Workshops
11h30:14h00 | Lunch Break
14h00:17h30 | Theoretical Workshops

7. Saffron Farming Bootcamp: Organize your Stay SUMMARY

0033 ou 0 | 781 301 229 (Paris time)
Send an e-mail

Book your seats on this site only

Crocus sativus bulbs
Discount prices, wholesale prices on quote (> 20,000 bulbs)
Learn More

Saffron Farming Bootcamp in English, training abroad: Contact us

Not included
Campground, Lodging, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, or Bungallows, etc. not far from our Farm
A list will be given to you after your registration

Not included
Good places where to eat well at low prices in the surrounding area, will be communicated to you in the documentary package after registration
I always organize Lunch at the Restaurant for our Group 1 day or more if requested, so that we better know each other and spend a pleasant time together around a good meal

I'm delighted to welcome you soon in Corrèze!


They liked it and recommend 100%
the “Saffron Master Class Course”
You will love the Saffron Farming Bootcamp just as much!

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