Rare Red Currant Jelly with Saffron SATIVOR(R)
  • Rare Red Currant Jelly with Saffron SATIVOR(R)
  • A powerfully aromatic jelly
  • Discover our Line of Saffron Jellies
  • 45 mg of Saffron SATIVOR(R) per jar : It's a lot !
  • Artisanal Cooked in Copper Cauldron

Saffron Jelly Red Currants with Saffron SATIVOR®


Safran SATIVOR®, le Safran made in France

Red Currant Saffron Jelly
La Paradisière's Jams and Jellies
A Line of sublime delicacies
Rich and intense aromas for higher pleasure
La Paradisière : Saffron Specialist
Saffron flavors, colors, enhances the fruit aromas, and creates intense, dynamic and unique gustatory landscapes

Manual cultivation, harvesting and preparation of the fruits
Traditional cooking in a copper cauldron
Manufactured in small quantities for maximum quality
Fruits, sugar, saffron : 100% natural, 0 preservatives
Direct from the Farm : From the Field to the Consumer
In your parcel : Jar of jelly well packaged and protected
Saffron has medicinal properties : Find out !
Consumption not recommended for pregnant women
OFFERED : Insurance Colissimo Details, Preparation, Packaging
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Red Currant Jelly with Saffron SATIVOR®

Safran SATIVOR®, le Safran made in France

1. Sensory Description & Use

A creation with a very intense gustatory landscape

The pleasantly tangy flavor of this fruit jelly balances the sugars like in a candy, while its powerful redcurrant aromas hybridize with those just as powerful of Saffron

An explosion of sensations in mouth and nose, with intensity increased by the enhancing power of Saffron

Once this hurricane of pleasure has passed, the saffron aromas then remain for several minutes while slowly fading away

The beautifully appetizing color is given by the Gold of Saffron

Redcurrant Jelly with Saffron SATIVOR® is delicious on a slice of brioche for breakfast or as a snack
Used in cooking as an ingredient, it is delicious for the sauce of a red meat, bringing to your recipe the aromas of fruit and saffron, as well as tanginess and sweetness

It can also be used to make delicious vinaigrette sauces... which will be flavored by saffron thanks to the high saffron content of all our jellies and jams (45mg per jar)

Cuisson traditionnelle en Chaudron en Cuivre

2. Product Characteristics

    • Name : Red Currant Jelly with Saffron SATIVOR®
    • Packaging : 1 jar
    • Contents : 150 g
    • Prepared with : 65g of the Juice of fruits for 100g
    • Saffron : 45 mg
    • Cooking : Traditional in Copper Cauldron
    • Conservation : In a cool, dry place away from the light ; eat quickly after opening

C'est bon pour l'environnement et pour votre santé 3. Good for the Environnement and for your Health !

No Additives, No Preservatives
Redcurrants and Saffron SATIVOR® are grown and produced by us at La Paradisière without chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Safran SATIVOR®, le Safran made in France 4. The Story behind

Red Currant combined with the mighty Saffron gives a wonderful jelly to enjoy alone, or to use as ingredient

La Paradisière grows several varieties of white, pink and red currants, which properties and culinary uses vary

Everyone like these berries a lot, including the birds indeed...

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